I’m quite excited to say that you can now buy a range of my handmade Christmas items in the Hope Community Shop in Sheldon (Birmingham).

Don’t the bears look smart wearing my Christmas bibs?

If you’re local to the area pop in and say hello. The staff are lovely and on Monday mornings they run a baby cafe – with cake! ;)


Hello my lovelies. I hope you are all well. Gosh, it has been a while hasn’t it? I’d love to have a fabulous excuse for not blogging but i think I just lost my mojo over the summer holidays and was kind of distracted with life along the way.

So, a quick whizz through of what we’ve been up to. lots of days out with friends over the summer, a windy week in Wales post hurricane Bertha. She didn’t stop us getting to the beach every day! Mini got discharged from the hearing clinic after 2 clear hearing tests. She was very sad to not have to have her hearing aids any more.

There was back to school for the girls of the house. Mini started school nursery and has made a brilliant start. Both girls have settled in well to their new classes and look rather sweet in their school uniform!

I’ve been busy sewing still so don’t panic. Not a lot of new stuff. mostly just the usuals.


The only BIG new thing to report is the advent calendars – I know I’m a little late showing you these but they started as a craft night project with a few of my mummy friends. They wanted a big project made from felt so after a few lists, lots of sketches and hunting down a number/alphabet set for my old sizzix originals machine I got cracking. I’m really pleased with the results and there were 10 taking part – it was more of a sew-a-long as i had a few postal friends taking part too so had to write coherent instructions!!!! Luckily the instructions were good enough and everyone’s turned out beautiful!

well, now its almost Christmas and time to start thinking about the new year. The mum’s would like a new felt project, how would you feel like a bit of a sew-along? Something Eastery perhaps? I know its maybe a bit early(!) but with 2 small people, a small business, a part time job and all the boring chore stuff I need to be a bit more organised! ;)

Jul 152014

Where have the weeks been disappearing to? It’s mid July, the last week of the school term and almost Hat’s 5th birthday. These things do sneak up on us! Sooooo, what have we been up to? LOADS of stuff……

We’ve been to the beach.

Taken part in the science department bake-off. This is my Chocolate chiffon cake with salted caramel and chocolate ganache! It did not won :(

There was a sports day!

I had a table at one of the local schools garden party – do you like my fancy gazeebo?!

New sparkly hearing aid moulds for Mini!

I’ve baked….and baked….and baked….

and sewn….(white tiger and wonder woman!)…and had a bit (33 kids!) of a birthday party.

Now I’ve just got 2 more days of work before the summer hols.  I really do need a rest! PHEW!


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Jun 272014

There’s a giveaway over on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

You can win this little chap! It ends tonight so be quick!

Jun 242014

So, here’s what i ACTUALLY manage to do last week…

Make super hero masks and animal masks (still a few to do!)

make 5 rainbow ribbony tag blankets (DONE!!!)


Send out part 3 of the advent calendar for craft nighters (Done for local friends)

Finish off the pile of dribble bibs I have lying around (DONE!!)

Finish off a batch of crayon rolls I started AGES ago (hmmmm….not even attempted!)

Make a wonder woman skirt for H (DONE!!!)

I managed quite a bit really considering we were away for the weekend! I wonder if I can be as productive this week??? Watch this space!

Jun 232014

As last weeks list proved to be just the motivation I needed, I thought I’d give it a try again this week!

Personalised new baby cushion.

Lavender babushkas.

A few more superhero masks.

White tiger masks.

Post out advent calender part 3 to the postal peeps.

Finish crayon rolls (still!).

Sew planet bodies.

Again totally unachievable but I’ll give it a bloomin good try!

Jun 162014

Right then….In a bid to be more productive and get some stuff done from my to-do list I’m going to write it here and update it on a monday!

This week I am going to:

Make super hero masks and animale masks

make 5 rainbow ribbony tag blankets

Send out part 3 of the advent calendar for craft nighters

Finish off the pile of dribble bibs I have lying around

Finish off a batch of crayon rolls I started AGES ago

Make a wonder woman skirt for H

Ambitious considering I’m suffering with hay fever and the antihistamines are making me drowsy of an evening. We’ll see what happens!


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Jun 152014

I can’t believe we’re mid June already. This year seems to be flying by before I’ve managed to complete things on my list!!!


Half term was a bit rubbish weather-wise. We did manage a little walk around the parkland at Packwood house with friends. Friends who have learnt that when I say ‘bring wellies’ I really do mean to BRING WELLIES! The girls loved it but it does get very boggy in places. H manage to loose  a wellie and end up with a very muddy sock!!!! At the end of the week we had visit to Blakesley Hall as they had an animal man visit so the kids got to see some exciting animals. We took a picnic and then went to a little farm to see more animals!

I made some little baby nappy pants (read PANTS its awesome!) for a lovely customer to go over her little baby’s nappy for her birthday. I can make these in any size from 0-3 months to 12-24 months. I really wish I’d made some for the girls to hide their nappies when they were little as they are so cute!

I had a birthday!

H has been learning about animals in the rainforest and conservation work to protect animals. They had a little explorers/non-uniform day to raise money for the class to adopt an animal at Twycross Zoo and she asked for a tiger mask….the day before….It’s a good job I have a good stash of felt! As a result I’ll be making more animals masks so watch this space!

I’ve been making planets too!


I was asked a few weeks ago by the lovely folks at Terry’s Blinds to take part in their designer insights and here is my little article!

I love my colour choices for this spring and thing I need to make some bunting in yummy yellow and aqua. Our utility room is a nice aqua colour so it may get accessorized with some nice sunny yellows!

You can find out all about the other lovely designers taking part HERE.


Today’s review treat is Yellow Owl’s Little Prints by Christine Schmidt.


This book is full of amazing print projects to make for kids. The book is well written and full of detailed instructions, materials and how to teach art to kids with projects suggested to try appropriate for your child’s age group. All templates are in a section at the back, some of which will need to be enlarged.


The projects range from stamps and stencils to image transfer and painting. The puzzle blocks are one of my favourite and I can see us making a family of little kitten softies over the summer holidays. They are rather cute!


The book is full of colour and inspiration and I can’t wait to try stamp carving. I’m lucky that working in a secondary school I’ve been able to borrow a set of carving tools from the art department to have a go before I invest!

Yellow Owl’s Little Print by Christine Schmidt

RRP: £14.99

ISBN: 978-0770433635

Published by Potter Craft

*** Disclaimer: A copy of this book was sent to me by GMC Distribution for review. All words are my own ***

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