Mar 092015

Our latest box of review goodies from Yellow Moon arrived last week and it was full of fab Easter things!

Easter animal mirrors, cute chick sun-catcher wind chimes, Easter baskets,

Ceramic bunny banks, Colour-in mugs,

And a big bag of pom pom foam flowers – just in time as we’d almost ran out of pom poms!

As always the girls couldn’t wait to see what was in the box and practically wrestled me for the contents! We set to work colouring in our mugs, making bunny baskets and using the pom pom flowers on pretty much every picture we made for a few days! These were nice and easy and didn’t require too much adult  intervention. Mini (4yo) required some help sticking her bunny basket together. We saved the bunny money boxes and sun-catchers for another day as I had to find the porcelain pens we had! Once found we got decorating out bunnies and suncatchers! I’ll add the finished sun catchers once I’ve been in the christmas cupboard to get out the little window hooks!

A great collection of easter craft items and I’ll definitely be back to the Yellow Moon website to order more goodies to entertain the kids on our easter holiday!

***  DISCLAIMER  ***

These items were sent to my by Yellow Moon for review purposes. You can see their complete range of Easter craft items HERE!

Jan 252015

Now, one of the things I love about having kids is being able to sit and colour with the girls but there’s only so many princess pictures you can colour. When I was offered the chance to review some colouring books for grown ups I jumped at the chance!

At the start of Nature Mandalas there pages introducing the concept  of doodling and colouring to encourage relaxation, meditation and encourage creativity. There is discussion on colour theory and patterning techniques – adding more pattern and details to the simple shapes on the colouring pages.

With examples of using different media to produce different affects.

Creative Colouring Flowers has more detailed pictures to colour in if your not feeling up to doodling your own lines straight away.

I enjoyed colouring this flower picture over a couple of lunch times at work and I’m quite keen to borrow the children’s water colours to have a go with.

Both books have perforated pages for you to pull out and colour with inspirational quotes on the back of each one. The pages were a little easier to pull out of the flowers book. several colleagues joined in with a little lunch time colouring and we were all feeling quite relaxed!

Both books are available to buy now!

Creative Coloring Flowers by Valentina Harper. ISBN: 9781574219708 £5.99 Published by Design Originals

Nature Mandalas Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle. ISBN: 9781574219579 £5.99  Published by Design Originals

*** These books were sent to me with complements by GMC distribution for review purposes. ***


So, do you wanna build an Elsa? Well, here’s how!

You will need:

A peg, felt pens, a scrap of pale blue felt, a scrap of blue shimmery cape fabric (I used organza), yellow wool, a small (15cm) beige pipe cleaner , PVA glue and blue glitter.

1) Draw Queen Elsa a face and colour the top of her head and around the back and sides in yellow.

2) Glue the felt scrap around Elsa’s body to make her dress.

3) Cut a triangle out of your cape fabric, then cut the pointy top part off. I used pinking sheers to do this to try and minimise fraying.

4) Stick the cape onto the back of Elsa’s dress using a little blob of glue.

5) take you pipe cleaner and place it on top of Elsa’s dress (this will be her arms). Turn over and twist it at the back to secure it in place then pull the arms forward.

6) to make the hair: cut 6 strands of wool the same length and tie in the middle with another small piece of wool. Glue on top of Elsa’s head. You can make a plait once its all dried.

She’s looking good so far!

7) For sparkly shoes put a little glue on the bottom of your peg and sprinkle with blue glitter.

8) Allow it to dry completely then sing ‘Let it goooooo!’ at the top of your voice!

*** Watch out for Anna next week ***

Happy new year!

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Jan 022015

To celebrate the start of the new year, I’m offering 15% off in the shop until 18th January.

Just pop on over following THIS LINK and use coupon code: HAPPY2015 at the check out.

Dec 272014

A week or so before Christmas we were sent a fabulous box of craft goodies to review.

we were sent Finger lights, colour in cards, snow pal mugs, gingerbread house kits, christmas stamps, festive foam stickers, wooden house boxes and a red jumbo paint pad.

we used the foam stickers and christmas stamps to make christmas cards for the school teachers. We love foam stickers and the stamps were a bit hit with the smallest. Bed time milk gets drank from the cute little animal cups, although sadly they can’t be put in the dishwasher!


Smallest required some assistance making her gingerbread house, but biggest managed hers with minimal help.


…and once finished you can wear them as a hat or put them under your Christmas tree!!!

We still have a few things to try out over the Christmas hols but so far we’re rather pleased with everything we were sent.

***Please note all products were sent to me by Yellow Moon at no cost for review purposes. All opinions and comments are my own***

Merry Christmas!

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Dec 252014

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna would like to wish you a very merry Christmas. xxx


I’m quite excited to say that you can now buy a range of my handmade Christmas items in the Hope Community Shop in Sheldon (Birmingham).

Don’t the bears look smart wearing my Christmas bibs?

If you’re local to the area pop in and say hello. The staff are lovely and on Monday mornings they run a baby cafe – with cake! ;)

Why, hello there!

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Dec 092014

Hello my lovelies. I hope you are all well. Gosh, it has been a while hasn’t it? I’d love to have a fabulous excuse for not blogging but i think I just lost my mojo over the summer holidays and was kind of distracted with life along the way.

So, a quick whizz through of what we’ve been up to. lots of days out with friends over the summer, a windy week in Wales post hurricane Bertha. She didn’t stop us getting to the beach every day! Mini got discharged from the hearing clinic after 2 clear hearing tests. She was very sad to not have to have her hearing aids any more.

There was back to school for the girls of the house. Mini started school nursery and has made a brilliant start. Both girls have settled in well to their new classes and look rather sweet in their school uniform!

I’ve been busy sewing still so don’t panic. Not a lot of new stuff. mostly just the usuals.


The only BIG new thing to report is the advent calendars – I know I’m a little late showing you these but they started as a craft night project with a few of my mummy friends. They wanted a big project made from felt so after a few lists, lots of sketches and hunting down a number/alphabet set for my old sizzix originals machine I got cracking. I’m really pleased with the results and there were 10 taking part – it was more of a sew-a-long as i had a few postal friends taking part too so had to write coherent instructions!!!! Luckily the instructions were good enough and everyone’s turned out beautiful!

well, now its almost Christmas and time to start thinking about the new year. The mum’s would like a new felt project, how would you feel like a bit of a sew-along? Something Eastery perhaps? I know its maybe a bit early(!) but with 2 small people, a small business, a part time job and all the boring chore stuff I need to be a bit more organised! ;)

Nov 292014

Here’s my table all set up at the Baby sensory (Coventry) Christmas specials. I had a lovely day and got to meet lots of cute Christmassy babies!


This year I am pleased to say that I actually made my monster wreath for the front door!

It was incredibly easy to make. I used this tutorial. I think we’ll definitely be making these at craft club next year!

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