Aug 142007

Hello! As work has become quite mind-numbing, (yesteday I was sawing coloured pencils in half!) I've become quite active in an evening in a bid to stop my brain rotting…here is last nights and the last hours effort.

I've finished the chairs. J was really impressed with the two I did yesterday before he got home, hope he likes them all together! They're a bit 'French country kitchen' ;)

Mr. and Mrs. Doughnut are another stolen idea from mypapercrane. Heidi has got one of her plush creations in an exhibition at one of the galleries in the Custart Factory in B'ham, so we're hopefully off for a butchers on saturday morning before we have hair cuts. Here's a close up of Mrs. Doughnut as you can't really see her sprinkles….also Sausage bagsying my new chair!


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