I know what you’re thinking. Why is there a card making tutorial on a mainly sewing blog? Well, It does involve a sewing machine! Today I am going to show you how to make a numbered birthday card like this one:



You will need: A blank card and envelope, some textured paper (I used mulberry paper), a scrap of card for a template, scrap of felt, glue, scissors, sewing machine, ruler and pencil.

1. Using the ruler, carefully tear a square (or rectangle if you’ve used a rectangle card!) a little smaller than the card you are using.

2. Glue the square of paper to the front of your blank card. I use a clear paper glue for this and just glue the edges of the mulberry paper.
3. Make a template of your number(s) with the scrap of card. My number is about 7cm tall. Draw around your template back-to-front and cut out.

4. Place your felt number the right way round on the front of your card and carefully sew around the edge – I have used about a 1/8th inch seam. Make sure your card is opened out – you don’t want to sew it closed!

5. Cut off the ends of the thread and TA-DAAAAAA! You’ll have a lovely handmade felty birthday card that everyone will love!

If you really don’t feel like making your own cards then you can buy custom numbered birthday cards from my shop. Just let me know what colours and numbers you would like!

Please do not use this tutorial for commercial purposes. This design remains copyright 2010 clairepayne.



  2 Responses to “Card making tutorial!”

  1. Great tutorial I really like the look of this card particularly the ragged edge of the yellow fabric

  2. very nice card :o )
    did you know a great way to get a feathery edge on the mulberry paper is to use a wet paint brush to mark out your edge then gently tear it then just tease out the fibres with your fingers.

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