Hello there! My name is Claire and I’m a 30-something-craft-a-holic-science-nerd-wannabe living in the UK near to Birmingham with my (wonderfully tolerant) husband, our two beautiful girls (Hattie and Charlotte) and our two cats (Sausage and William).

By trade I’m a scientist, of sorts. I have a Biology degree and before becoming a secondary school science technician I worked in various laboratories doing anayltical chemistry type things. I’ve always been making something and sewing is the one thing I seem to have stuck with! I’ve been (properly) sewing for a good few years now and started this blog as a way to show friends and family what I’ve been making without clogging up their inbox with large photographs! Since the birth of our daughters, my sewing has moved more into making cute things for small people. I’m also a bit of a nerd!

I *LOVE* working with felt, cute cotton fabric prints, pretty ribbon and buttons…..Oh! How I love buttons! ;)

My friends wonder how I manage to find the time to do so much sewing. The secret is a GIANT ‘to make’ list, being organised and avoiding the housework! I like to get all the bits and pieces together for a project and pop them in a little bag. When I know I have a little time I choose the appropriate bag (I always have several things on the go!) and now that the girls are both bigger and good sleepers, I mainly plough through bigger projects of an evening while watching something trashy on the TV (failing that we’re probably watching the West Wing again) !

I’ve been selling my work through etsy since 2008. You can find my cute fabric things shop and my christmas shop here! All items are handmade by me and my own original designs. I do take on custom work, so if you see anything you would like making or have a particular fabric in mind for one of my items then just ask! If you are interested in a wholesale order or if you would like my cute little items in your shop/boutique then please get in touch for prices, contact details below

If you have any questions, do feel free to comment on the relevant post (I do read all comments!) or you can email me directly claire@paynedesign.co.uk

Thanks for stopping by! Now go and get yourself a cuppa and enjoy the rest of my blog!


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