Hello there! I’ve been meaning to post more tutorials on here and thought with the festive season approaching it was time to share my felt holly brooch. This is a hand sewn version and it’s simple and very easy for beginners!

You will need: A 15 x 11 cm piece of green felt, matching green thread, red thread, 1 red button (mine is 2cm across), 1 brooch bar, needle, scissors and a copy of the template.

Cut out the paper template and pin to your piece of green felt (you can draw around the template onto your felt if you find this easier). Cut out 2 holly leaf shapes.


Pin your leaves together and starting at one end, sew around the edge using a running stitch.

When you get back to the start, sew up the middle of the leaf using back stitch.

Next you need to sew on your bright, berry button using the red thread.

Finally sew on your brooch back, taking care to only sew through the back layer of felt.

TA-DAAAAAA. One pretty handmade holly leaf brooch! :)

***This tutorial and pattern is (c) Claire Payne 2011 and is for personal use only***

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