We’ve been busy making valentines cards this weekend. Here are a few simple ones you can make with your small people!

You will need: red and pink tissue paper torn into strips, red pom poms, googly eyes(!), card and glue.

To make a ‘stained glass window’ card you will need to cut a heart shape out of one of your cards. On the inside of the card, glue around the heart shape and lay the strips of torn tissue paper across the heart until it is entirely covered. When the glue has dried, trim off the excess tissue paper and your done!

Tissue heart. I remember these from school! Very simple but Hattie loved helping to squash up the tissue paper! Draw a heart shape on your card and cover it in glue (we use PVA). Tear up pieces of tissue paper and squish them up into little balls then stick them onto the heart.

And last of all, you can’t make anything in our house without including pom poms or googly eyes! For this one we drew a heart shape on the card, covered it in glue then stuck the googly eye on and covered the rest in pom poms!

3 simple cards and half an hour or so gluing and sticking while baby Charlotte had a morning nap. A lovely start to the day :)

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