I was sent a fantastic box of painting products from yellow moon to review. As you can see we received a dinosaur sponge painting set, brushes, messy mat, fluorescent paints, and texture wands.

First we decided to try a little sponge painting. We’re big fans of dinosaurs in our house so when I saw we’d been sent DINOSAUR sponge paints I couldn’t wait to try them out! We used an old baking tray for the paints and when asked which colour she’d like to use first, Hattie replied “a pink one Mummy”.

She was very enthusiastic with the sponges (can you guess which ones mummy did?!). We’re going to cut these out and make birthday cards for her friends with a little added glitter! ;)

The messy mat was a great idea as usually we paint on the table. For a change I thought it might be fun to spread out on the floor and Hattie LOVED it!

Next we tried the brushes. We decided to just use the larger brushes in the set as they were easier for Hattie to handle,

and we had fun making hand prints! (I HAD to join in!)

The texture wands were good fun too! This is a picture of Miss Rabbit in her aeroplane. The blue splodges are clouds and the green are Daddy Pig in the grass(!).

Overall, we had a fun hour painting while Charlotte had a little nap. Everything cleaned up well and we’ll be getting it all out again very soon for more painting fun!

***Disclaimer:  All of these painting products were sent to me by Yellow Moon for review. Views and opinions are entirely my own***


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