Our latest box of Yellow Moon goodies arrived just before Christmas and it was packed full of fun things to make as always! In fact with the rubbish weather these have been invaluable!

Here’s what we got: Giant Chinese paper lanterns, felt pens, owl bean bag sewing kits, create-a-calendar, firework glitter foam stickers, snowflake foam wand kits, Chinese dragon scratch art magnets and lantern kits. PHEW! This may take a couple of posts to get through everything.

H wanted to make the foam snowflake wands pretty much as soon as we’d opened the box!

Anything involving wands, princesses and fairies usually goes down well. She enjoyed sticking on the little foam snowflakes and the sequins. The wooden sticks were a little fiddly to push into the big foam snowflake, but once in seemed secure.

We let the glue dry overnight before we tied on the ribbon and started turning people into frogs!

We tried out the OWL beanbag sewing kits with the 3 year old! You get 3 in the pack, each containing almost everything you need to make your owl beanbag. You will need a blob or two of glue!

H was brilliant at sewing the owls together and only needed a little help when we got to the ears and the end.



And here we are all finished with the last few pieces of felt glued in place. On our next rainy/snowy day we’re going to finish the other 2 owls and play ‘which owl can fly into the bucket’!

Next the Chinese dragon scratch art magnet kits. We do like the scratch art kits that YellowMoon make. They’re fun with minimal mess if you want crafting without too much to clear up afterwards and with 12 in a pack you can have lots of fun (or invite a little friend or two round!).

My girls are 3.5 and almost 2 and (with supervision for the youngest) both enjoy revealing the pretty colours!

Mummy and Daddy both had a go with these! Doesn’t our fridge look great?!

Watch out for part 2 of this review coming soon!

***Disclaimer:  All of these products were sent to us by Yellow Moon for review. Views and opinions are entirely my own***

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