Who’d have thought it? The next time we decided to get crafty with our lovely Yellow Moon goodies we’d have more snow.

I don’t have to tell you again how much I love foam stickers but I will. They’re great! The girls and their friends all love them and they’re perfect for minimal mess crafting and adding a bit of zing to the birthday cards the girls make!

 These are glittery firework foam stickers.

Here’s C (the 23 month old) sticking her foam stickers onto her picture.

She was ever so pleased with it! :)

Last week we painted our Giant Chinese paper lanterns ready for Chinese new year.

The girls loved getting the paint out

and making their lanterns look pretty to hang up in the kitchen.

There are 3 in a pack so naturally I had to do one to avoid squabbling over the last one (I like polka dots!).

The girls were a bit heavy handed with the paint (they are 3.5 and almost 2) so they went a little soggy in places. Once hung up and dried they seemed much better.

And finally the Card Lantern Kit. Again another great quick, minimal mess kit. We made these while C had her afternoon nap.

H enjoyed choosing the colour for her ‘shooting stars’.

and was rather please with the finished lantern!

There are 2 designs in a pack (2 of each) so we had to make both :)

Yellow Moon do lots of craft kits including lovely seasonal things. Don’t forget there’s Mothers Day next month! ;)

***Disclaimer:  All of these products were sent to us by Yellow Moon for review. Views and opinions are entirely my own***

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