Its been a while since I posted any of our crafting adventures, so here’s one for all you paper plate fans!

To make a paper plate crab you will need: a paper plate(!), orange card, orange tissue paper, googly eyes, glue stick and black felt pen.

If you are feeling brave, let your 3 year old loose with the scissors and the tissue paper.

Cut 2 claw hands and 6 legs from the orange card.

Stick tissue pieces on the plate to form the crabs body.

Glue on the arms and legs!

Stick on your googly eyes (every paper plate animal NEEDS googly eyes!)

Draw a HUGE MASSIVE BIGGEST smiley face ever.

And there you have a rather cute crab (or four!).

  2 Responses to “Toddler Crafts: Don’t be crabby!”

  1. Aw! Great crab. And it looks fun as well.

    • Thanks Alix! The girls nursery make all sorts of things with paper plates and I wanted to make something fun too! I feel easter bunny plate masks will be next :)

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