Just in case you found the colours hard to see on Hattie’s tutu, here’s the how to bit again with contrasting ribbon and tulle!

1) Fold your tulle strip in half and place under the ribbon.

2) pull the tail ends of your tulle through the loop.

3) this will for a loose slip not.

4) pull tight and repeat until you have fabulous full tutu!

  3 Responses to “Tutu-how-to-addition…”

  1. Like the tutu. Think you need some safety advice, such as don’t ride your bike whilst wearing your tutu otherwise your skirt may need cutting to free it from the chain. Not that this is the voice of experience, nooooo……..

    • Haha! You don’t strike me as the tutu wearing sort Jack! ;)
      I’ll be sure to make sure she’s not wearing it near moving parts, we’ve already had a few tutu/bush incidents!

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