I know, I know! We got our latest box of goodies from Yellow Moon AGES ago. We opened the box straight away and even made our first things that same day! 

So here we go. We got flower buttons, glitter glue, pom poms, butterfly foam stickers, British bird foam stickers, water colour paints and brushes, pastel papers AND plastic sewing needles. PHEW! what a lot of lovely stuff! :)

First up the flower buttons. I had a load of elastic left over from Mini’s birthday masks so immediately thought BUTTON BRACELETS! I could have done with using thinner elastic to thread through the holes as the smalls couldn’t quite manage it on their own.

I made one for both of the girls and myself! The girls nursery thought it was a great idea too so will be making them soon!

Pom poms, glue, googly eyes and a 2 year old and what do you have…

…easter chicks of course and a caterpillar!

I know I rave about foam stickers all. The. Time. But, you know, they’re really are great. Especially for younger small people and we wanted to make birthday cards. The British bird foam stickers were perfect for Grampy’s birthday cards. Look at that cheeky face! :)

Now after raving about foam stickers I have a new product to rave about. Water colour paints. They’re great. No really, they’re better than foam stickers for the almost 4 year old. She loves painting and I hate the mess that poster paints make. We usually save that sort of thing when there’s family visiting and lots of help on hand, or for sunny days when we can go out in the garden with rolls of lining paper and end up with footprints all over the patio! I’m getting side-tracked….These are the best thing ever! Nice little paints, good bright colours, compact, nice brushes too and only £2.50 for the paint tin. H loves them. We’ve been painting lots of birthday cards and pictures and she’s turning into quite the talented painter!

This is a picture of her (left) and one of her nursery teachers as a little leaving card.

I had a little go too! They’re nice to paint with and I really enjoyed it. We had them out again today for a little more card making. I think I’m going to have to order some more, not just for us but as presents for little friends too! :)

The pastel paper and glitter glues have been used for pretty drawings, many of which appear on our cupboard doors. As for the sewing needles, H has shown interest in sewing *happy dance* so I’m going to get some plastic canvas and let her loose on my wool stash!

***Disclaimer:  All of these products were sent to us by Yellow Moon for review. Views and opinions are entirely my own***

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