“Foam is fun. Foam is inexpensive. Foam comes in lots of bright colours. lets get started crafting with foam”

“From flowers and butterflies to tractors and barnyard animals – you’ll find fun foam crafts for the little ones in your life. each project comes with a supply list and easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for rainy days, camp activities, after-school projects or any time! glue it, cut it, add stickers and glitter. It’s all fun with foam!”

Well, as the back of the book says, foam really can be fun We’ve made a fair few craft foam projects with the smalls and they do enjoy the bright colours and how easy things are to make. It’s easy to cut and even easier to stick if you use the self adhesive foam! This book has 45 little projects, some of which run along a theme. My favourite projects from the book are the barn, tractor and animals (8 in total).

The projects cover all the major occasions (Easter, Christmas, valentines…) and 16 of the 35 pages are templates, most of which are at 100%. I do like patterns to be 100%, it saves so much faffing around enlarging and what-not.

The book has some great ideas and is bright and colourful. I do, however, think that the layout feels a little squashed. With so many projects packed into a small book it seems to lack something. The instructions are somewhat short and sweet and I don’t feel that the author is engaging with the reader. It would have been nice to have a little more detail and to have a few step by step photographs. Our eldest is just 4 and loves to make things on her own and as she can’t read yet, photographs would have added just that little bit extra for the younger market.

Awesome Foam Craft by Margaret Riley


£6.99 published by Design Originals in April 2013

*** A copy of this book was sent to me by GMC Distribution for review – all opinions are my own ***

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