This gorgeous book landed on our doormat this week.

I have to say this book is pretty, in fact, I may have possibly fallen in love with paper flowers because of this book. It’s beautifully styled, easy to read and did I mention the beautiful photography? It has been put together by husband and wife photography and design duo, Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell.

The book contains the instructions to make 75 whimsical paper flowers and I really want to make them all. Even the husband wants to have a go at making them and that’s really saying something!

The book has 5 sections: The flowers, materials, skills, how-tos and templates. Each flower photograph has details of the inspiration behind it, what its made from, what it would be great for and the page number of the how-to.

The materials are mainly crepe paper and floral tape. There is a comprehensive tools list to aid you in your quest for perfect paper prettiness. I really need to own a pair of fringing scissors!

The skills section starts with the anatomy of a flower and building a basic flower in layers and goes through everything you need to build your own flowers from petal styles, cutting techniques, petals, stems, attaching petals and leaves and even adding glitter (we do like glitter in our house). The How-tos all have lists of the materials needed for that particular flower, which templates have been used and any specialty tools needed. The step-by-step photographs and texts are very reader friendly. Each project is graded 1,2 or 3 (1 being easier) and project notes give ideas for upscaling, colour variations, how to make them into hair accessories and make the flowers your own. Of the 200+ templates only 10 need enlarging!

Overall a gorgeous book suitable for all levels of crafter. A definite must have!

Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thruss and Patrick Farrell

ISBN: 9780385345057

RRP: £16.99

Published by Potter Craft October 2013

*** A copy was sent to me by GMC Distribution for review ***

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  1. It sounds a gorgeous book.

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