The Easter Hols

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Apr 282014

So, We had a busy old time over the Easter holidays! We popped over to Twycross zoo with a few friends.

We bought bunk beds!

We helped make a bug mansion at Blakesley Hall.

We made a start on our little herb garden (excuse the flakey paint!).

And found ourselves in the local paper from last weeks Easter bunnies and friends workshop.

I’ve even managed to squeeze in a little sewing!

Blankie and dribble bib sets £20. LOADS of fabrics to choose from! ;)

Apr 142014

What a lovely weekend we had here in the Midlands. We spent a good 3 hours tidying the front garden, digging stuff up, planting beans and blowing bubbles once we got bored of the helping! But its starting to look better, a lot less wild!

Today is the first official day of our Easter holidays. We’ve got lots planned for this week. Today we went to our local nature reserve for an Easter Bunnies and friends workshop.

The girls loved making their bunny hats and hedgehog/badger house.

We’ll be back again next week for a spot of pond dipping!

The fox cushion

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Apr 132014

This post is for those of you who have asked about the fox cushion.

I found the tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess and couldn’t resist knocking one up for my lovely friends birthday.

I had to add a bushy tail onto his bottom to make him super cute. I now fancy making a skulk of foxes for our own sofa with all sorts of cute fabrics! What fabric combo would you choose?


Sorry its been a while, there has been various family stuff going on the last month or so (mainly involving various NHS establishments) but fingers crossed everyone is fit and healthy and we can all enjoy 2 weeks of the Easter holidays! So, what have we been up to craft wise recently? We had our latest review box from the lovely people at Yellow Moon, and what a great box of stuff. As soon as the girls spot the Yellow Moon tape on a box they want to crack it open and get stuck straight in! Here’s what the box contained….

Glitter glue pens, feathers, Easter keyring kits, Easter Bunny kits, Easter stickers, chick and bunny pop out cards, foam buckets and wrinkly crinkly paper! There were some chocolate eggs in there too, but I can’t seem to find where they went to! ;)

The first thing the girls wanted to make was easter cards. Who am I to argue. We used te pop out cards and easter stickers, LOTS of glitter glue and some googly eyes. The girls did a great job and really enjoyed making cards fro friends and family (watch your letter boxes people!)

We stuck our easter stickers  and some foam butterfly stickers onto the foam buckets to fancy them up ready for our easter egg hunt next week. We used the shredded paper grass to make a nice soft place for our collected eggs. After we’d finished those we made the bunny easter keyrings. The girls LOVE bunnies and these have been put straight on their school bags! These make such good party bag gifts :)

We had great  fun with our easter craft box. There is still time to pop on over to Yellow Moon and browse all their fab Easter range.

*** Disclaimer: All items were sent to us by Yellow Moon for review purposes. All opinions are my own ***

A catch up…

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Apr 092014

Gosh, It’s been a while since I did a proper blog post! There has been a few things going on. Mini turned 3 at the end of Feb, since then she’s definitely been a bit of a challenge! Not sure if its being 3 or getting her hearing aids fitted or a combination of both!

(birthday jam toast face)

Husband had a case of the flu just after having a tooth extracted. H had a trip to A&E with a bead up her nose and a trip to the dental hospital a few weeks later to have a tooth removed after a bad trip in the playground at school. She was incredibly brave having it taken out with just a local anesthetic! I feel like, as a family, we’ve been getting our moneys worth from our fabulous NHS!

(H rocking the toothless pirate look.)

I have actually been quite busy sewing too! Personalised cushions, bear dresses and ballet shoe bags.

More bear dresses, gingerbread men, mother’s day present and a birthday fox cushion for a lovely friend!

well, I feel we’ve mostly caught up now. I do hope you’ve all been enjoying the warmer weather here in the northern hemisphere. Spring is well and truly on the way. The garden is coming to life and there is lots to do in the veg patch. expect photos! x

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