Nov 242015

There’s been more dinosaur antics going on in the house!

November 8th: A little research…

November 9th: First aid practice….something fish is going on…I’m not sure what…

November 10th: Lego Vs Dinosaurs.  All that battle prep came in handy!

November 11th: Super-Rex  saves the day! HURRAH!

November 12th: The dinosaurs weren’t quite sure what fingers were. Puppet theater.

November 13th: A little MLP top trumps.

November 14th: Raptor might just get his wish this year! Naughty dinosaur!!!


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Nov 192015

Have you heard of Dinovember? You must have! Anyway, Dinovember was created back in 2012 by Refe and Susan Tuma as a way to encourage their own childrens imagination by convincing them that for the month of November their toy dinosaurs come to life and get in to all sorts of mischief. Since then 1000′s of people from all over the world have taken  part. This year I decided it was time our party of dinosaurs had a few adventures. Here’s the story so far…

November 1st: The dinosaurs decided it was time to start their rampage on the house by stealing the kids hallowe’en haul!

November 2nd: Not satisfied with the sweets haul it was time to try and capture something bigger.

November 3rd: The dinos were getting wordy.

November 4th: After this weeks sweet treats its good to know the dinos have good dental health!

November 5th: STOP! Its puzzle time!

November 6th: The percussion section were having a practice session!

November 7th: The dinosaurs had heard colouring could be quite relaxing!


….How lovely are thy branches going to look with these lovely new ornaments on them????


Penguin from Puddles and Meme. Snowman from Hand stitched by jade.


Christmas tree from Candie Craft Creations and the happy little tree was from Sarah (aka the felt lady!) of Paper and String.

There may have been some chocolate in the parcel too but I have no idea where that could have possibly got to *cough cough*. A HUGE MASSIVE thank you goes to Sarah for organising  another fantastic Christmas this year. I now can’t wait to get the tree up and hang all these lovely new ornaments  on it!!!!


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Nov 082015

Last night we went to a lovely display at one of the local schools. It’s always a good display!

Hope you’re all enjoying November so far!

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