Have you heard of Dinovember? You must have! Anyway, Dinovember was created back in 2012 by┬áRefe and Susan Tuma as a way to encourage their own childrens imagination by convincing them that for the month of November their toy dinosaurs come to life and get in to all sorts of mischief. Since then 1000′s of people from all over the world have taken ┬ápart. This year I decided it was time our party of dinosaurs had a few adventures. Here’s the story so far…

November 1st: The dinosaurs decided it was time to start their rampage on the house by stealing the kids hallowe’en haul!

November 2nd: Not satisfied with the sweets haul it was time to try and capture something bigger.

November 3rd: The dinos were getting wordy.

November 4th: After this weeks sweet treats its good to know the dinos have good dental health!

November 5th: STOP! Its puzzle time!

November 6th: The percussion section were having a practice session!

November 7th: The dinosaurs had heard colouring could be quite relaxing!

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