RSPB Old Moor

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Apr 082016

We went to visit my family up in Doncaster over the easter hols. My bigger nephews were’t interested in an outdoor adventure away from their screens so my sister and I took the small ones to RSPB Old Moor.

We’ve not visited any of the RSPB reserves before so this was quite exciting. We only managed to walk around half of the reserve before the small people started complaining and we had to head off for lunch back at our parents. If it had been a warmer day we’d have taken a picnic! There was a nice play area too.

It was lovely and so peaceful. Hard to believe that over the hedge was the motorway!

Although it was cold we still had a go at pond dipping. We didn’t find much – still too early in the year but it was good fun, the girls always enjoy pond dipping! We’ll definitely be checking out our local reserves as the weather warms up.

Apr 052016

Here’s one I forgot to tell you about. In the middle of March we went to visit Grampy and Grandma for the weekend. While there we had the opportunity to help plant some trees. The girls loved it. They got to use real, full sized spades and forks (I was a little scared when they started swinging them around!) but there were no injuries and we helped plant 5 trees!

At base camp for the event there was some wood carving which is going to be used as signage by the trees. The kids were encouraged to pencil a design and the carve it out, again with real tools!

H loved it and asked if there was anywhere near where we live that should could do it again!

Apr 012016

We’ve been up to lots of exciting things over the Easter holidays. Easter weekend we had family visiting and so decided to go on a bit of an adventure in Birmingham and visited the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. The museum is owned by Birmingham city council and a little hidden gem in the city. It is built around the old Smith and Pepper factory. Upstairs there’s a walk through the history of jewellery making and lots of shiny things that kept the girls interested.

<original stamps used to cut shapes from the gold>

Downstairs is the perfectly preserved factory. After the owner retired in the 80′s there was no family to take on the running of the business so everything has been left as it was on that last day. A little time capsule!

<fly press, dangerous pieces of kit if you’re not watching your fingers!>

WE were given a guided tour of the factory and told the history of the Smith and Pepper family and the daily ins and outs of the running of the business, as well as the gossip!

<polishing machines>

We were given demonstrations on how some of the equipment worked and how the jewellery would have been made. The factory operated on a wholesale order basis of nothing less than a gross!

<tea making/electroplating room>

There was a small lack in health and safety!


The girls were so good on the tour (their interest did start to flag towards the end) that they got some loot from the factory. A fly pressed scotty dog and stamped heads. It really was interesting!

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