Apr 012016

We’ve been up to lots of exciting things over the Easter holidays. Easter weekend we had family visiting and so decided to go on a bit of an adventure in Birmingham and visited the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. The museum is owned by Birmingham city council and a little hidden gem in the city. It is built around the old Smith and Pepper factory. Upstairs there’s a walk through the history of jewellery making and lots of shiny things that kept the girls interested.

<original stamps used to cut shapes from the gold>

Downstairs is the perfectly preserved factory. After the owner retired in the 80′s there was no family to take on the running of the business so everything has been left as it was on that last day. A little time capsule!

<fly press, dangerous pieces of kit if you’re not watching your fingers!>

WE were given a guided tour of the factory and told the history of the Smith and Pepper family and the daily ins and outs of the running of the business, as well as the gossip!

<polishing machines>

We were given demonstrations on how some of the equipment worked and how the jewellery would have been made. The factory operated on a wholesale order basis of nothing less than a gross!

<tea making/electroplating room>

There was a small lack in health and safety!


The girls were so good on the tour (their interest did start to flag towards the end) that they got some loot from the factory. A fly pressed scotty dog and stamped heads. It really was interesting!

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