Cloudy Quilt

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Apr 102011

Here is the finished quilt I made for Baby Charlotte…..



Unfortunately I’m going to have to make Charlotte another one. As soon as Hattie saw it she grabbed it and said ‘Hattie blanket’, then ran off with it. Cheeky little monkey! I don’t mind, I had fun trying to make a quilt top without buying any new fabric. I did have to buy the blue for the backing and randomly used bright pink binding as that’s what I already had (it was that or green!). It works, and I like it! You can’t really see in these photos but I quilted a few extra clouds and I’m thinking it might need a some more….


Hello there! Just popping by to prove that I *have* really been doing a spot of crafting the last few weeks. Not an awful lot, but some at least! I don't think I put this on the list in my last post (baby brain forgot all about it!) But I've cut (and now sewn) the fleecy clouds for the back of the baby quilt I started making for Charlotte.

I've decided to sew more cloud shapes on it to quilt it – I'm not very good at this sort of thing, so when I do show you the finished quilt (probably on Charlotte's 18th birthday at this rate) Please don't laugh at my wonky stitching! :)


Golly gosh! The last few weeks have just flown by! Baby Charlotte is already 2 weeks old and we are starting to settle into life as a family of 4. She’s been a very good baby so far. Happy, content (I guess second babies have to be!) and is now going 3 hours between feeds at night so I’m managing a little sleep when Hattie isn’t waking with teething troubles :(

The last thing I made before the early arrival of Charlotte was this batch of marmalade and a few Taggie-style blankets. I thought as I’m managing a little sleep and feeling relatively normal (!!!!!) I’d make a small unambitious list of things to make this month.

1) Pillow case to match Hattie’s Quilt cover.

2) New changing mat for nappy bag and some nappy organisers to keep big and small nappies tidy/separate.

3) A buggy bag – A sort of open bag/tray/baskety thing I can attach to the Buggy handle to store drinks/snacks/Bunny and George in easy reach!

4) Puzzle bags – H’s puzzle boxes are all squashed and slightly chewed(!) so these will keep her puzzles tidy! :D

Fingers crossed I’ll actually make some of these things!


We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of baby Charlotte (Lottie). Born 22nd Feb at 6:49am. Weighing 7lb 8oz.

Here I am with my two little lovelies!

Baby Comfort

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Feb 162011

Yesterday I had one of my flaps that I've *STILL* not made anything for the imminent new arrival (Bad Mummy!). Instead of just sitting around I decided it was high time I made a little comfort blankie for him/her. I made one of these for Hattie when she was tiny and she's recently rediscovered it at the bottom of her toy basket and started using it as a blankie when Bunny has a nap on the sofa…'SHHHHH…..Bunny sleeping' (!).

I'm kind of assuming we're having another girl at this point! When we had the 20 week scan the sonographer said she hadn't seen any boys bits but hadn't definitely seen girls, If she had to say she would say girl – but not to take that as the final word on the matter. We don't mind either way to be honest, but all my fabric is a bit girly! Boys like pink too don't they???!!! ;-)

While I was in a sewing mood I made a couple of others for friend/family babies. This is for Baby Adam as my sister phoned just as I was routing through my fabric stash! She complained that I didn't give her much choice! You can't really see here but this is one of my favourite 'boy' fabrics. Its David Walker – linework robots (that and Alexander Henry's 2D zoo!). I really must buy some or the robots in orange!

And this set is for a friends baby, when she arrives (She was due on Sunday!). This set is a comfort blankie and crinkle square – I've sewn an empty baby wipe packet into the middle to make it have a nice crinkley sound and texture!

No twinges/movement on the baby front here as yet. We're now ready for the new arrival and baby even has a set of drawers after a trip to Ikea at the weekend! I would like to get a few more things sewn up this and next week so if he/she can just hang in there till due date (1st March) then that would be lovely. Thank you!


I started my maternity leave from work a week earlier than planned as I was starting to feel very tired so this week I've had 3 whole days to myself while Hattie has been having fun at nursery. What have I been up to you ask??? Well, you already know about the simple quilt top. I've also been frantically washing and sorting out new baby clothes, building the crib, tidying the house, recycling and making marmalade (which I haven't done for a couple of years!!!!).

Don't worry, I've also been napping and taking it easy. But I'm at that last stage in the pregnancy now where I can't sit still or stand up for long without my hips complaining so I have to have a few different jobs on the go at once. Another one of these jobs is labels. I've been thinking for a while that I want to make nicer labels to attach to the things I make rather than just the rubbish sew-on things I had been using. I also wanted them to be easy (and relatively cheap) for me to make at home and of course feature some sort of orange!

(Sorry for the crappy picture) This is what I've come up with. A nice clear simple font, I can print them at home on card, a bit of felt (of course!) and a cute little button. What do you think?


Last week after meeting up with some mummy friends for a cuppa in town I popped into John Lewis to get Hattie some new socks and a treat for me……I bought a rotary cutter! I figured it would be handy for when I make a batch of knitting needle cases or some bunting. To try it out I decided to use a bit of my stash and make either: a cot quilt for the new baby (if its a girl) or a sofa quilt for Hattie (if its not!). We'll find out who it's for in about 3 weeks(!!!!!).

I have a reasonable sized stash of pretty fabrics but most of them are flowery and not really gender neutral. Yesterday I cut out the squares. It took a little while to get used to the rotary cutter, and I realised I could do with a bigger cutting mat and a non-slip ruler. Today I sewed them all together!

I'm not quite sure what to do with the back. I quite fancy a nice plain sky blue with some quilted clouds. What do you think? I don't really do much quilting (I have a few quilt tops made but generally have no idea what to do next so they live in my stash) and it was just something I saw in one of my craft books….! The only problem would be I'd have to actually buy some nice sky blue fabric and I'm attempting to not buy anything unless I need it to finish an order…..Oh, the dilemma!


Oh, how I wish I was having a duvet day! THIS is not my duvet. I've had 5m of this fabric in my stash since the summer(?) and it has always been destined to become a new bright duvet cover for Hattie's little duvet.

It's Alexander Henry Heart to Heart and I just love it (as I do most of AH's designs!). She looks so cute snuggled up under her new duvet cover! I will be making her a matching pillow case ready for when she decides she wants a pillow.


Later than planned, I know, But here are some photos of the lovely fabrics bought for me for Christmas by my Sister-in-law and Mother-in-law! So far I've no idea what I'm going to use them for. I just like to get them out and look at them, they're so pretty!

From SIL.

From MIL.

These little piles I bought on etsy. They were my last fabric purchase of 2010. This year I can say I have been very good and not actually bought any fabric….but then I haven't really been making anything. I have a list. I will make things. I just need to get my bottom into gear now that my tax return has been filed and paid. I really could do with making something for the new baby as he/she is due to arrive in the next 4 weeks or so! EEEK! This pregnancy seems to be going so much quicker than the first….AND I've still got 2 weeks left at work. Oh my!


First can I just wish you all a very happy new year. A tad late I know, but I'm here now! And secondly, how did it get to be January so soon????

I never intended to have such a long break from blogging. Honest! With Christmas, new year, 2 new nephews and pregnancy time just seems to be flying by without me actually achieving anything. We had a very nice Christmas and new year with family and Hattie got lots of lovely new books and toys for us to trip over(!) including a very pretty little wooden pram. I got a much needed new computer (mine was really ooooooold), chocolates, bath goodies, fabric, books and stocking fillers. I will photograph my nice new fabrics once I remember when I have the camera out!

We're starting to be a little more prepared for the new arrival. We bought our double buggy at the weekend and I know where the crib is! With only 7 weeks to go till DDay its all getting very real that we'll have 2 under 2 VERY soon(!) :-S

Craft-wise, I've not really been doing a lot. I did make some Christmas presents and failed to photograph any of them before posting them off in time for the big day. Alice got a cute little apron and tea towels sets to match her new kitchen. My sister Victoria got a baby sling (as did SIL) and Hayley (other sister) got foot warmers (microwave rice warmer thingies)and an IOU for a pair of socks. My mum got a nice little drawstring bag full of fancy bath goodies. Oh! And I made Christmas bunting for the house as we were only having a little tree, what with a toddler in the house (a toddler?! How did that happen????!!!!).

I've not really made any new years resolutions as such, but I really should try and blog more regularly. I need to buy less fabric – I'm going to use up as much of my stash as I can and only buy what I need for a specific project/order. I want to make something for the new baby. I've not made anything yet for Bun2. He/she might feel a little neglected if they don't have some nice mummy-made things to play with! I have crafting plans, but just need the time to do them! :)

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