Look at me! My little blog has made it into the August issue of SEW magazine! How excited was I to see that it was there!!!! I did this a few months back and had almost forgotten about it – I blame the pregnancy brain as this week I also forgot to put a stamp on my Dad’s birthday card before posting it! Here is a scan of my little bit so you can have a better read of my wafflings!


…Country Living that is, and with a little help from a bunny too!

Look at me! I’m item number 7! This has got to be one of the most exciting things in the whole world – I’ve not been featured in a magazine before! I have to say a HUUUUUUUUGE thank you to the very lovely lady who organises the Emporium pages for getting in touch way back in November and asking for Easter items after seeing one of my robin brooches. It was probably the kick up the bottom that I needed! Thank you ever so much!!! It gives my folksy shop as the contact where you can find both brooches and a few other eastery items too.

***Edit (10 July 2011): My folksy shop is no longer open. You can buy my work in my etsy shop***

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