Aug 252013

“Foam is fun. Foam is inexpensive. Foam comes in lots of bright colours. lets get started crafting with foam”

“From flowers and butterflies to tractors and barnyard animals – you’ll find fun foam crafts for the little ones in your life. each project comes with a supply list and easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for rainy days, camp activities, after-school projects or any time! glue it, cut it, add stickers and glitter. It’s all fun with foam!”

Well, as the back of the book says, foam really can be fun We’ve made a fair few craft foam projects with the smalls and they do enjoy the bright colours and how easy things are to make. It’s easy to cut and even easier to stick if you use the self adhesive foam! This book has 45 little projects, some of which run along a theme. My favourite projects from the book are the barn, tractor and animals (8 in total).

The projects cover all the major occasions (Easter, Christmas, valentines…) and 16 of the 35 pages are templates, most of which are at 100%. I do like patterns to be 100%, it saves so much faffing around enlarging and what-not.

The book has some great ideas and is bright and colourful. I do, however, think that the layout feels a little squashed. With so many projects packed into a small book it seems to lack something. The instructions are somewhat short and sweet and I don’t feel that the author is engaging with the reader. It would have been nice to have a little more detail and to have a few step by step photographs. Our eldest is just 4 and loves to make things on her own and as she can’t read yet, photographs would have added just that little bit extra for the younger market.

Awesome Foam Craft by Margaret Riley


£6.99 published by Design Originals in April 2013

*** A copy of this book was sent to me by GMC Distribution for review – all opinions are my own ***


Our latest box from Yellow Moon arrived just before we went on holiday. The girls were dying to get started on making things but being a mean mummy I made them wait until we got home!

In our box we had Daffodil foam vase kits, cowboy hat kits, cowboy foam stickers, fabric painting stencils, fabric crayons, windmill kits, foam glasses, Fimo, 3D fabric paint pens, glitter shakers and magic wand bookmarks! Phew! What a lot of goodies :)

We started with the cowboy hat kits.

Incredibly easy to make with clear instructions. There were lots of ‘YEEEEEEHAAAAs’ for a good half hour after the hats had been made.


While we were in a dressing up mood we thought we’d have a go with the foam glasses. We stuck various sparkly/foamy bits we had lying around on the glasses to make…..

We’ll be having more fun with the rest of the pack very soon!


The Daffodil foam vases were next on our list to try. The kits had clear instructions and were’t too fiddly for our just-turned-four year old. She just needed a little help twisting the pipe cleaner stems together. H really enjoyed it and the result was good!

H has the vase up in her room ‘to make it look pretty’.

We love glitter. Its great! H starts big school in September and as part of her summer homework all the children starting reception class have to make a little chatterbox: a decorated shoe box where they can put special items to talk about with the rest of the class. Naturally it had to involve glitter!

To make slightly less mess with the glitter shakers, I found I had some double sided sticky paper that we could cut her name out of. Luckily her name has 6 letters and there are 6 colours in the set so we got to use them all. We found them the perfect size for little hands and good value for 6 different colours.

The glitter gave good coverage and stuck nicely.

Now, my favourite of the box so far has got to be the Berol fabric crayons. They were really easy to use. I found a little canvas bag in my stash to draw on and once H had decided what to draw, she just got on with it! You can get bigger fabric bags here.

To set the picture you iron it, covered over with a scrap of fabric. It really does need to be a scrap of fabric as you do get some of the image rubbing off on the fabric scrap but the colours stay bright and as you can see we now have an awesome, original artwork bag!

I’ve already asked H if this can be my new lunch bag for when I start back at school in September!

We still have a few things left to try out so I’ll be back with details on those later this week!

*** All items were sent to me by Yellow Moon for review. All opinions are my own. ***

May 202013

I know, I know! We got our latest box of goodies from Yellow Moon AGES ago. We opened the box straight away and even made our first things that same day! 

So here we go. We got flower buttons, glitter glue, pom poms, butterfly foam stickers, British bird foam stickers, water colour paints and brushes, pastel papers AND plastic sewing needles. PHEW! what a lot of lovely stuff! :)

First up the flower buttons. I had a load of elastic left over from Mini’s birthday masks so immediately thought BUTTON BRACELETS! I could have done with using thinner elastic to thread through the holes as the smalls couldn’t quite manage it on their own.

I made one for both of the girls and myself! The girls nursery thought it was a great idea too so will be making them soon! Continue reading »


Who’d have thought it? The next time we decided to get crafty with our lovely Yellow Moon goodies we’d have more snow.

I don’t have to tell you again how much I love foam stickers but I will. They’re great! The girls and their friends all love them and they’re perfect for minimal mess crafting and adding a bit of zing to the birthday cards the girls make!

 These are glittery firework foam stickers. Continue reading »


Our latest box of Yellow Moon goodies arrived just before Christmas and it was packed full of fun things to make as always! In fact with the rubbish weather these have been invaluable!

Here’s what we got: Giant Chinese paper lanterns, felt pens, owl bean bag sewing kits, create-a-calendar, firework glitter foam stickers, snowflake foam wand kits, Chinese dragon scratch art magnets and lantern kits. PHEW! This may take a couple of posts to get through everything. Continue reading »

Oct 172012

If you know me in real life you’ll know I love food. I bake a good cake and enjoy spending time in the kitchen. I got banned from buying any more cooking books a few years ago now as I had far too many. 60+ books was possibly a little over the top.

I was sent a copy of ‘The Creative Kitchen’ to review.

This book is pretty. Beautifully styled photographs. It has some great ideas for gifts including cookies, jams, pies and snacks.

The recipes look tasty and easy to follow. I’ve not tried any yet as I don’t have any measuring cups. It would have been nice if the book had conversion tables for measurements and cooking temperatures. Continue reading »


A couple of weeks ago we were sent an exciting box of rainforest themed crafty stuff to review by Yellow Moon. No sooner had I opened the box and shown H what we’d got, then we were cracking open the foam animals stickers and adding them to everything! Birthday cards, pictures, you name it!

C joined in the fun too when we had a few little friends round for the morning. The animals were lovely and bright and a good variety. You even get bananas and pineapples! Some of the shapes were a little fiddly for the 3 year olds to peel, but with mummies at the ready they made some great pictures to take home.

The rainforest foam door hangers were great. I loved these too! H had a great time making the monkey and hardly needed any help sticking the pieces in the right pieces. Continue reading »


I was sent a fantastic box of painting products from yellow moon to review. As you can see we received a dinosaur sponge painting set, brushes, messy mat, fluorescent paints, and texture wands. Continue reading »


Now, those of you that have been reading for a while will know I’m a bit of a nerd-wannabe. Well, this review is to fuel my nerdy side!

Continue reading »


I was ever so pleased to have been sent a copy of Stash happy Felt by GMC Publications last week for review. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I LOVE FELT! I really do! It’s a fantastic fabric to work with, so this book is right up my street! Continue reading »

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