So, do you wanna build an Elsa? Well, here’s how!

You will need:

A peg, felt pens, a scrap of pale blue felt, a scrap of blue shimmery cape fabric (I used organza), yellow wool, a small (15cm) beige pipe cleaner , PVA glue and blue glitter.

1) Draw Queen Elsa a face and colour the top of her head and around the back and sides in yellow.

2) Glue the felt scrap around Elsa’s body to make her dress.

3) Cut a triangle out of your cape fabric, then cut the pointy top part off. I used pinking sheers to do this to try and minimise fraying.

4) Stick the cape onto the back of Elsa’s dress using a little blob of glue.

5) take you pipe cleaner and place it on top of Elsa’s dress (this will be her arms). Turn over and twist it at the back to secure it in place then pull the arms forward.

6) to make the hair: cut 6 strands of wool the same length and tie in the middle with another small piece of wool. Glue on top of Elsa’s head. You can make a plait once its all dried.

She’s looking good so far!

7) For sparkly shoes put a little glue on the bottom of your peg and sprinkle with blue glitter.

8) Allow it to dry completely then sing ‘Let it goooooo!’ at the top of your voice!

*** Watch out for Anna next week ***


Sorry its been a while, there has been various family stuff going on the last month or so (mainly involving various NHS establishments) but fingers crossed everyone is fit and healthy and we can all enjoy 2 weeks of the Easter holidays! So, what have we been up to craft wise recently? We had our latest review box from the lovely people at Yellow Moon, and what a great box of stuff. As soon as the girls spot the Yellow Moon tape on a box they want to crack it open and get stuck straight in! Here’s what the box contained….

Glitter glue pens, feathers, Easter keyring kits, Easter Bunny kits, Easter stickers, chick and bunny pop out cards, foam buckets and wrinkly crinkly paper! There were some chocolate eggs in there too, but I can’t seem to find where they went to! ;)

The first thing the girls wanted to make was easter cards. Who am I to argue. We used te pop out cards and easter stickers, LOTS of glitter glue and some googly eyes. The girls did a great job and really enjoyed making cards fro friends and family (watch your letter boxes people!)

We stuck our easter stickers  and some foam butterfly stickers onto the foam buckets to fancy them up ready for our easter egg hunt next week. We used the shredded paper grass to make a nice soft place for our collected eggs. After we’d finished those we made the bunny easter keyrings. The girls LOVE bunnies and these have been put straight on their school bags! These make such good party bag gifts :)

We had great  fun with our easter craft box. There is still time to pop on over to Yellow Moon and browse all their fab Easter range.

*** Disclaimer: All items were sent to us by Yellow Moon for review purposes. All opinions are my own ***

Jan 272014

There has been A LOT of rain here in the UK this month and we’ve probably watched more than our fair share of Disney movies. This weekend it was time for a change. We always have paper plates for crafting so we decided to make an indoor hoopla game!

Cut the middles from your ‘hoops’. Stick a kitchen roll tube onto the bottom of a paper plate. Colour in your hoops!

Once coloured: PLAY!



We got our latest box of review items from Yellow Moon last week and I couldn’t wait to get started. We were sent a pack of ceramic baubles, ceramic tree decorations, glitter porcelain pens (pack B) and brilliant porcelain pens (pack B) to try out.

We saved them for the weekend when we had friends visiting. It always helps to have a few more small people thrown in to help with these reviews!  Our testers were aged 1, 2, 3, 4, 35 and 36(!). First we made a start on the tree ornaments.

Everyone chose the shape they wanted to colour. Choices were: father Christmas, angel, snowman, tree, penguin and Rudolf. The pens were prepared as their instructions and the small people were lest loose.

H LOVES this sort of thing and being nearly 4 and a half is getting quite good. She didn’t make much mess and got to grips with needing the pump the pens a little when they looked like they were running out. She did a FANTASTIC job on her tree. The 3, 2 and 1 year olds were a bit messier, but they had fun and used ALL the colours! ;)

The baubles were a little trickier for the little ones to hold and avoid getting paint on the table. You definitely need some sort of messy mat!

The glittery pens were definitely a big hit and I’ll be adding the other coloured pack to our craft wish list.

I’d also recommend aprons for the under 3′s!

The grown-ups had fun too!

Here they are all waiting to go in the oven to be fixed.

We had great fun using these and the finished ornaments will make great christmas keepsakes or grandparent gifts! I was thinking of giving mine to my mum! You WILL need to protect tables and smaller peoples clothes. The paint does wash off of hands with warm soapy water and a bit of a scrub.

These items were sent to me at no cost for review purposes by Yellow Moon. All opinions are my own.


This years Christmas cards will be half Hattie-school-designed-and-printed and half made by the girls using paint-chip-sample-colour-thingies (see below!)

So, here’s what we did. Take the paint-sample-thingies and cut out triangles, stars and tree trunks.

Give your small people a glue stick each and let them loose!

We had great fun making these and some of the results are super. There was talk between the girls of fancying them up with the glitter glue!


Yesterday we made spooky stained glass windows. Here’s what we did…

Cut out scary shapes from black sugar paper – use chalk to draw out your shape first.

Teared up strips of colourful tissue paper.

Let your small people loose with glue sticks and the tissue paper!

Finish off gluing as your small people got bored after 15 minutes.

And TA-DAAAAA……..Stick them up in your window! We’re going to make some more for Christmas!


Our latest box from Yellow Moon arrived just before we went on holiday. The girls were dying to get started on making things but being a mean mummy I made them wait until we got home!

In our box we had Daffodil foam vase kits, cowboy hat kits, cowboy foam stickers, fabric painting stencils, fabric crayons, windmill kits, foam glasses, Fimo, 3D fabric paint pens, glitter shakers and magic wand bookmarks! Phew! What a lot of goodies :)

We started with the cowboy hat kits.

Incredibly easy to make with clear instructions. There were lots of ‘YEEEEEEHAAAAs’ for a good half hour after the hats had been made.


While we were in a dressing up mood we thought we’d have a go with the foam glasses. We stuck various sparkly/foamy bits we had lying around on the glasses to make…..

We’ll be having more fun with the rest of the pack very soon!


The Daffodil foam vases were next on our list to try. The kits had clear instructions and were’t too fiddly for our just-turned-four year old. She just needed a little help twisting the pipe cleaner stems together. H really enjoyed it and the result was good!

H has the vase up in her room ‘to make it look pretty’.

We love glitter. Its great! H starts big school in September and as part of her summer homework all the children starting reception class have to make a little chatterbox: a decorated shoe box where they can put special items to talk about with the rest of the class. Naturally it had to involve glitter!

To make slightly less mess with the glitter shakers, I found I had some double sided sticky paper that we could cut her name out of. Luckily her name has 6 letters and there are 6 colours in the set so we got to use them all. We found them the perfect size for little hands and good value for 6 different colours.

The glitter gave good coverage and stuck nicely.

Now, my favourite of the box so far has got to be the Berol fabric crayons. They were really easy to use. I found a little canvas bag in my stash to draw on and once H had decided what to draw, she just got on with it! You can get bigger fabric bags here.

To set the picture you iron it, covered over with a scrap of fabric. It really does need to be a scrap of fabric as you do get some of the image rubbing off on the fabric scrap but the colours stay bright and as you can see we now have an awesome, original artwork bag!

I’ve already asked H if this can be my new lunch bag for when I start back at school in September!

We still have a few things left to try out so I’ll be back with details on those later this week!

*** All items were sent to me by Yellow Moon for review. All opinions are my own. ***

Jul 212013

Well, the big girl turned 4 last week and we had a little party for her the weekend before her birthday. She’s into crafts is our girl *proud crafty mum moment* and asked for a few activities for her party. We had obligatory crown making, bracelet making and Pascal party blower making – if you have little girls (who love Tangled) you’ll know who Pascal is!

You can download the template HERE from the Disney family page along with written instructions.

You will need self adhesive craft foam, self adhesive googly eyes, a pink or red party blower and a black marker. When you draw your template onto the foam be sure to REVERSE IT for the second side so you have two opposite pieces you can stick together to form each side of Pascals head!

Peel off the backing on one of the pieces of craft foam and place your party blower in the middle.

Pull the blower out slightly and stick the other piece of craft foam on top. Don’t press it down too well or you won’t be able to blow out your chameleons tongue!

Stick an eye on each side and give him a little mouth, then blow!

We bought all our crafty bits from the party from Yellow Moon.

May 202013

I know, I know! We got our latest box of goodies from Yellow Moon AGES ago. We opened the box straight away and even made our first things that same day! 

So here we go. We got flower buttons, glitter glue, pom poms, butterfly foam stickers, British bird foam stickers, water colour paints and brushes, pastel papers AND plastic sewing needles. PHEW! what a lot of lovely stuff! :)

First up the flower buttons. I had a load of elastic left over from Mini’s birthday masks so immediately thought BUTTON BRACELETS! I could have done with using thinner elastic to thread through the holes as the smalls couldn’t quite manage it on their own.

I made one for both of the girls and myself! The girls nursery thought it was a great idea too so will be making them soon! Continue reading »


Its been a while since I posted any of our crafting adventures, so here’s one for all you paper plate fans!

To make a paper plate crab you will need: a paper plate(!), orange card, orange tissue paper, googly eyes, glue stick and black felt pen.

If you are feeling brave, let your 3 year old loose with the scissors and the tissue paper.

Cut 2 claw hands and 6 legs from the orange card.

Stick tissue pieces on the plate to form the crabs body.

Glue on the arms and legs!

Stick on your googly eyes (every paper plate animal NEEDS googly eyes!)

Draw a HUGE MASSIVE BIGGEST smiley face ever.

And there you have a rather cute crab (or four!).

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