Who’d have thought it? The next time we decided to get crafty with our lovely Yellow Moon goodies we’d have more snow.

I don’t have to tell you again how much I love foam stickers but I will. They’re great! The girls and their friends all love them and they’re perfect for minimal mess crafting and adding a bit of zing to the birthday cards the girls make!

 These are glittery firework foam stickers. Continue reading »


Our latest box of Yellow Moon goodies arrived just before Christmas and it was packed full of fun things to make as always! In fact with the rubbish weather these have been invaluable!

Here’s what we got: Giant Chinese paper lanterns, felt pens, owl bean bag sewing kits, create-a-calendar, firework glitter foam stickers, snowflake foam wand kits, Chinese dragon scratch art magnets and lantern kits. PHEW! This may take a couple of posts to get through everything. Continue reading »


A couple of weeks ago we were sent an exciting box of rainforest themed crafty stuff to review by Yellow Moon. No sooner had I opened the box and shown H what we’d got, then we were cracking open the foam animals stickers and adding them to everything! Birthday cards, pictures, you name it!

C joined in the fun too when we had a few little friends round for the morning. The animals were lovely and bright and a good variety. You even get bananas and pineapples! Some of the shapes were a little fiddly for the 3 year olds to peel, but with mummies at the ready they made some great pictures to take home.

The rainforest foam door hangers were great. I loved these too! H had a great time making the monkey and hardly needed any help sticking the pieces in the right pieces. Continue reading »


We’ve had a couple of birthday cards to make this weekend. I’m not saying who for as we’ve still got to post one!

If you watch Cbeebies you may recognise Joan!

and Raymond!

Very quick and easy to make. All you need is a print out of your favourite cbeebies character, card, glue stick, googly eyes, tissue paper and sequins (or any other arty materials you have to hand!).

Cut: Glue: Stick: Glue: Stick: Stick: Done!

Mar 252012

I’ve been meaning to make some of these shaky/sensory bottles for….well….lets just say a while! ;)

Hats helped and LOVED carefully filling the bottles.

We made 2 yesterday: one with pasta and pompoms and the other with rice (I put the rice in!) and buttons.

We need some smaller ones then we can make glittery water ones! These ones took hardly any time at all and I really wish we’d made them sooner!


I was sent a fantastic box of painting products from yellow moon to review. As you can see we received a dinosaur sponge painting set, brushes, messy mat, fluorescent paints, and texture wands. Continue reading »


We’ve been busy making valentines cards this weekend. Here are a few simple ones you can make with your small people! Continue reading »


To make Father Christmas faces you will need:

A paper plate, glue, googly eyes, red pom poms, red card, cotton wool and a red pen.

Draw a smile, stick on eyes, nose and cotton wool beard.

Cut a triangle from the red card and stick on some cotton wool.

Stick on the hat and there you have it. A Father Christmas face and one very happy toddler!

After father Christmas faces we moved on the sequined snowflakes to hang in the windows!



These are easy, fun and don’t make very much mess!

You will need: White paper plates, googley eyes, pom poms, scrap of orange felt, PVA glue and a brush.

Cut out triangles for the snowman noses (an adult should do this).

Glue eyes, nose and pom poms onto the paper plate.

TA-DAAAA. Snowman face!

Repeat as necessary! We made 6 (Hats made 5 and I made 1!) of these and they will be hung up proudly in the hall next week and given to grandparents too! The only problem we had making the snowmen was when we ran out of pom poms and couldn’t make any more. We had toddler tears :(


Today we have been making Christmas cards! Some people think I’m brave for getting out the glue, glitter and sequins, but we have an excellent hoover and all crafting is as controlled as it possibly can be with a 2 year old! I love it and Hattie loves it too! I try and do at least one craft activity with her every week – usually painting. Here is what we made today.

Continue reading »

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