Aug 192015

We’re still having a weekly owl hunting adventure and here’s the weekends finds!


Big Brown Inky Owl and Jewellery Owl.


Bejewelled Owl and Nature’s Growth.

Wise Owl.


One Giant Hoot for Owlkind.


Priceless and Clash.

Owl by Night.


Under the Glow of Moonlight and Delivered by Owl.


Skyclad and Bluey.


Dr Whoot and Leo.

The Graduate.

Tessellated Triangles.

The Birmingham Children’s Hospital Owl.

18 more big owls down and we’ve still got 40 to go and quite a few little hoots too!

Aug 132015

I was a very lucky girl last week and got to go to Festival of Quilts at the NEC. There were some beautiful quilts and beautiful fabrics. Here’s a bit of a run thorugh of a few of my favourites.

‘My Garden’ by Janie Harvey-Douglas.

‘Matrilineal Inheritance’ by Janice Lawson.

‘Silence’ by Jean McLean – gorgeous detail in the trees and sky.

‘Gift of Appreciation’ by Kyoko Yamauchic – I don’t ususally go for the more tradition quilts but this one was stunning.

‘A Medieval Bestiary’ by Vanessa Stanfield and Tricia Neale.

‘Let them eat cake’ by Doreen Hattett and ‘Woolacombe Sands’ by Penny Armitage. I do love a mini quilt, there’s something quite magical about them!

‘Marshwood Vale’ by Kate Dowty.

‘Turtle Bay’ by Claudia Pfeil. This photograph doesn’t do this quilt any justice. There were sparkles all over it and I just wanted to touch it. I resisited!

Here’s more detail. Definitely my favourite of the day! Well deserved winner of the pictorial quilts category.

Another cute little mini quilt from a study by Sheena Norquai.

There was a whole section of vegetable based quilts which amused me. The details on some of them where fabulous!

Another tomato quilt!

‘Alice Dreams’ by Angelines Artero.

‘Night Owl, by the light at the silvery moon’ by Joe Bennison. (I’m really not owl obsessed…honest!)

‘Fish Monster’ by Daisy May Collingridge.

And with a final note (for now, there may be another little FoQ post later in the week!) I’ll leave you with a photo of my little haul from the show.

Natural history, Jurassic Coast, April Showers, Our friends in the garden and some liberty scraps!


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Aug 082015

We’ve had more owl spotting fun this week when we met up with friends in Birmingham.

There was a cheeky yellow owl hiding on top of the custard factory!

An owl disguised as a penguin!

This one is mimicking Birmingham Library.

Beautiful Moths outside the IKON gallery.

An ancient Egyptian owl in the museum.

An owlet covered in buttons and beads!

Owls painted on owls.

The Selfridges owl .

and finally the owl made by the kids and fantastic art teachers where I work the day job!

We managed to squeeze in 27 large owls and 34 owlets on the day so still plenty to go off and find next week. Watch this space for another exciting episode of owl watch! x


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Aug 012015

Hello my dears! And how are the school holidays treating you? If you’re from around the west midlands and have visited Birmingham you may have heard about The Big Hoot?! If not don’t worry, I’ll be posting all about our owl spotting adventures right here!

So what is it all about?

The Big Hoot is a mass participation public art event comprising of 89 individually designed large fibreglass owl sculptures forming a trail across Birmingham for 10 weeks from 20 July until the end of September. Corporate sponsors, Birmingham stakeholders, artists and community groups have come together to support The Big Hoot, transforming the streets, parks and public spaces into a fun, free art gallery.

The Big Hoot is produced by Wild in Art in partnership with Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

After the event, the owls will be auctioned to support Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

With an accompanying education programme called The Little Hoot, 114 schools have designed and created 122 sculptures, which are displayed in Parliaments in 18 sites across Birmingham. To find out more about the project and for downloadable maps of the owls and owlets locations visit The Big Hoot webpage.

Busy busy…

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Jun 192015

Hello there! Just thought I’d pop in and check you’re all okay. Here’s a run down of the recent goings on…

Mini had farm dress up day at school and wanted to go as Hattie Peck. The rather daft, but quite kind-hearted blue hen. She mostly made the wings (I cut out the sapes and attached elastic) and I made the little blue chicken mask.

There’s been junk modelling.

Trips to the park.

Feeling inspired by pinterest I fancied making myself a native American head dress. I like to wear it while I’m sewing! The husbadn thinks I’m odd!

And this beauty arrived today. 10 yards of lovely heatnbond. I’m going to applique EVERYTHING starting with some apple shapes on a skirt for H!

zippy zip zip

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Jun 152015


Hello my lovelies, I hope you’re all keeping well. I’m afraid there’s nothing exciting to report so instead here’s some cute zippy purses that I’ve finally listed on etsy!!!!


Jun 042015

As my impending birthday of almost doom approaches I’m having a celebratory giveaway!

For your chance to win some super duper personalised polka dot bunting in your choice of colours, hop on over to my FACEBOOK PAGE and follow the instructions on the post pinned to the top! Good luck! Winner will be announced Sunday evening.


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May 312015

After our successful camp last year with borrowed equipment we decided to splash out and get our own little fancy tent!

May I introduce you to the Vango Icarus 500 complete with bunting, of course!

We stayed at North Morte Farm, complete with sea views, and had a lovely weekend with friends. I can’t wait for our next camp!

Fun at Woolacombe beach.

Silly sunset selfie.

May 282015

Well, our box of summer craft fun arrived a few weeks ago from Yellow Moon and as usual I had to fight the girls to get photos of the contents before they started immediately crafting!

A set of animal sand art bottles and fluorescent sand.

Monster foam finger puppets, space wooden shapes, Animal glasses card blanks, Gnome suncatcher stakes and Beach hut stained glass decorations.

There’s a huge choice of the sand art bottles available and the girls LOVED filling them up with the different colours….and then shaking them up so the sand all got mixed together! Don’t they look pretty (before the shaking!).

All gnomes were carefully coloured in with our glass pens and are ready to fancy up the veg patch once we sew our salad seeds at the weekend!

I love the stained glass window crafts – they’re always a winner with the girls. This one is mine! :)

These are the wooden space shapes all out of the packet. The girls coloured them in the felt pens then covered them in glitter glue!

I think I might drill little holes in the tops and hang them from the girls ceiling once I’ve had a go at a few!

RAAAAAAAA! We have a very colourful lion. C loved these animal glasses and carefully coloured 3 in in a variety of rainbow colours!

All in all another fab box of craft stuff provided by Yellow Moon for us to review. The range of items they have is great and you can always get something to match any theme!

May 182015

At the weekend it was the Malvern Spring Quilt Show. I’ve never been to this one before and was supposed to be going with a friend to hang out with her sis-in-law. Sadly, Friends little boy was not well so she couldn’t make it, but I still had a mooch over to meet G. It was a lovely day, sunny but not too warm and there were many lovely quilts to oggle over. I’m not really a fan of the more traditional quilts but can appreciate the time and effort put in to making them look beautiful. Here’s a run down of my favourites! (I’ll try and find the credits for who made what but I was too cheap to spend my precious fabric money on a show guide!!!)

CF04 Quilter’s cul-de-sac

BQ34 Welsh Wholecloth

BQ29 Bee my Honey

GR10 Rays of Gold


I was rather pleased to see a couple of science themed quilts! GR02 Where did I put those scissors and GR05 Engineering.


CQ08 The Snail


Some of the mini quilts were gorgeous – I may have to start making mini quilts!

JQ51 and 52   –    JQ31 and 32

JQ29 and 30


M02 Out of Africa

M01 Little Mediterranean Village

This one was for mini, she’s a big fan of Darth Vader! LW21 Star Wars Quilt

LW19 Fairy Dust



T39 When Rainbows Dance

And here’s my rather modest stash from the show. I also bought an A1 sized cutting mat as I see more (small scale) quilting in my future!

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