Oct 062015

Now that everyone is back off holiday and the kids are back into the school routine I’ve been busy sorting out craft club. Last month we made monster wreaths ready for halloween. Here are the girls fab wreaths!



Fab work ladies! Next time we’ll be making Halloween bunting!

Feb 032014

Hello lovelies! I don’t know if I’ve shared this before but a few months back me and my mum crew started craft night for a bit of social crafting.

We get together every month(ish) and I bring along the materials for everyone to make something to take home.

First we started with the no sew mason jar pincushion and a felt needle book (I forgot to take photos!).

Next we moved on to tissue paper pom poms and gingerbread men (again not photos!).

And this time we made valentine inspired embroidery hoops.

There’s usually cake, tea and wine involved and sometimes a lot of buttons!

It’s a chance for a gossip and a good old catch up with no one shouting ‘MUUUUUUUMMMMMYYYYYY’.

At the end of the evening we’ve all hopefully learnt something, shared something and have something lovely and handmade to take home with us. (Mine’s the unfinished hoop at the bottom!). I’m so proud of my Mum’s. Some of them before we started this would staple trousers back together (She’ll remain nameless!) and couldn’t sew on a button. But just look at all these fantastic hoops! :D

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