Jul 212013

Well, the big girl turned 4 last week and we had a little party for her the weekend before her birthday. She’s into crafts is our girl *proud crafty mum moment* and asked for a few activities for her party. We had obligatory crown making, bracelet making and Pascal party blower making – if you have little girls (who love Tangled) you’ll know who Pascal is!

You can download the template HERE from the Disney family page along with written instructions.

You will need self adhesive craft foam, self adhesive googly eyes, a pink or red party blower and a black marker. When you draw your template onto the foam be sure to REVERSE IT for the second side so you have two opposite pieces you can stick together to form each side of Pascals head!

Peel off the backing on one of the pieces of craft foam and place your party blower in the middle.

Pull the blower out slightly and stick the other piece of craft foam on top. Don’t press it down too well or you won’t be able to blow out your chameleons tongue!

Stick an eye on each side and give him a little mouth, then blow!

We bought all our crafty bits from the party from Yellow Moon.


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Apr 192013

So, how would you like to make this FAB tutu? It’s a very easy make with NO SEWING involved at all!

For this one (for our 3 and a half year old) I used 1.5m orange ribbon and 2m of gold Tulle.

Using nice sharp scissors cut your tulle into 2″ strips. I then cut these in half, this part depends on the width of your tulle and how tall your small person is. Hattie is a little cutey and this tutu is going over a pair of leggins for a party at the weekend. I made it shorter so I could make it fuller.

Fold your strip in half…

Fold the loopy end over the ribbon and pull the ends through to make a slip knot

Pull tight and carry on with the next strip!

Carry on until you have enough strips to go around your little ones waist.

Tie in a pretty bow and let them run wild!


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May 032012

First I would like to say a HUUUUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me in the handmade Olympics. My happy little planets made it into 4th place! I’m ever so pleased!

I do feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog of late. Do not worry, there is plenty going on behind the scenes in preparation for the baby fair I have a stall at the end of this month (Details on the right there ——>)

I’ve been using my new die cutter to make A LOT of circles

and making them into a bright sample garland to decorate my stall!

There is even a colour chart to go with it so people can choose any 3 colours to go with their colour schemes!

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