Oct 022012

Now its officially October its time to start releasing more new Christmas gifts! Here are the first – new and very cute Christmas bibs! :)




These are LIMITED EDITION so snap yours up today while you still can! There are also a few available on Dorothy and Theodore too :)


These are easy, fun and don’t make very much mess!

You will need: White paper plates, googley eyes, pom poms, scrap of orange felt, PVA glue and a brush.

Cut out triangles for the snowman noses (an adult should do this).

Glue eyes, nose and pom poms onto the paper plate.

TA-DAAAA. Snowman face!

Repeat as necessary! We made 6 (Hats made 5 and I made 1!) of these and they will be hung up proudly in the hall next week and given to grandparents too! The only problem we had making the snowmen was when we ran out of pom poms and couldn’t make any more. We had toddler tears :(

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