Jul 122013

Remember about 6 years ago I painted and recovered some second hand chairs we’d bought? Well after 2 years of this booster seat being on H’s chair its looking a little grubby!


She’s a very messy eater! Messier than her little sister in fact. So its time to get them recovered and here’s a little post on how to do it!

You will need: tools for removing whatever covering you have on your seat pad, a staple gun, 6oz wadding and a nice decor-weight fabric. These fabrics were sent to me by Terrysfabrics for review.


First you need to remove the seat and strip off whatever is covering it. This took forever as I’d gone a bit staple happy the first time I recovered them. I’ll not be making that mistake again! Once your seat is back to basics you need to to draw around the seat on the wadding and cut out. I then used a little spray adhesive to stick the piece of wadding to the top of the chair seat – mostly just to hold it in place while I stapled the fabric on.


Take your chosen fabric…and again (on the reverse side) draw around your seat. Be sure to leave a good 3 inches around the seat to give you plenty of fabric to fold over the sides to staple down.


Cut out your fabric and place the seat in the center.

Double fold the fabric to give you a nice neat edge to work with then starting in the middle of one side, working out.

Staple down the opposite side, again starting in the middle, being sure to pull your fabric nice and tight.

Staple the sides, stopping 2 inches before the ends.


Trim off some of the excess fabric from the corners – this gets rid of some of the bulk and will allow you to make your corners neat and tidy!

One finished seat pad!

Doesn’t it look smart?

The 6oz wadding gives the seat a nice pad, much more comfy then the old ones! Now I just need to finish the rest and make a new back rest pad for C’s highchair to match!

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