Our latest box from Yellow Moon arrived just before we went on holiday. The girls were dying to get started on making things but being a mean mummy I made them wait until we got home!

In our box we had Daffodil foam vase kits, cowboy hat kits, cowboy foam stickers, fabric painting stencils, fabric crayons, windmill kits, foam glasses, Fimo, 3D fabric paint pens, glitter shakers and magic wand bookmarks! Phew! What a lot of goodies :)

We started with the cowboy hat kits.

Incredibly easy to make with clear instructions. There were lots of ‘YEEEEEEHAAAAs’ for a good half hour after the hats had been made.


While we were in a dressing up mood we thought we’d have a go with the foam glasses. We stuck various sparkly/foamy bits we had lying around on the glasses to make…..

We’ll be having more fun with the rest of the pack very soon!


The Daffodil foam vases were next on our list to try. The kits had clear instructions and were’t too fiddly for our just-turned-four year old. She just needed a little help twisting the pipe cleaner stems together. H really enjoyed it and the result was good!

H has the vase up in her room ‘to make it look pretty’.

We love glitter. Its great! H starts big school in September and as part of her summer homework all the children starting reception class have to make a little chatterbox: a decorated shoe box where they can put special items to talk about with the rest of the class. Naturally it had to involve glitter!

To make slightly less mess with the glitter shakers, I found I had some double sided sticky paper that we could cut her name out of. Luckily her name has 6 letters and there are 6 colours in the set so we got to use them all. We found them the perfect size for little hands and good value for 6 different colours.

The glitter gave good coverage and stuck nicely.

Now, my favourite of the box so far has got to be the Berol fabric crayons. They were really easy to use. I found a little canvas bag in my stash to draw on and once H had decided what to draw, she just got on with it! You can get bigger fabric bags here.

To set the picture you iron it, covered over with a scrap of fabric. It really does need to be a scrap of fabric as you do get some of the image rubbing off on the fabric scrap but the colours stay bright and as you can see we now have an awesome, original artwork bag!

I’ve already asked H if this can be my new lunch bag for when I start back at school in September!

We still have a few things left to try out so I’ll be back with details on those later this week!

*** All items were sent to me by Yellow Moon for review. All opinions are my own. ***

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