Just in case you found the colours hard to see on Hattie’s tutu, here’s the how to bit again with contrasting ribbon and tulle!

1) Fold your tulle strip in half and place under the ribbon.

2) pull the tail ends of your tulle through the loop.

3) this will for a loose slip not.

4) pull tight and repeat until you have fabulous full tutu!


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Apr 192013

So, how would you like to make this FAB tutu? It’s a very easy make with NO SEWING involved at all!

For this one (for our 3 and a half year old) I used 1.5m orange ribbon and 2m of gold Tulle.

Using nice sharp scissors cut your tulle into 2″ strips. I then cut these in half, this part depends on the width of your tulle and how tall your small person is. Hattie is a little cutey and this tutu is going over a pair of leggins for a party at the weekend. I made it shorter so I could make it fuller.

Fold your strip in half…

Fold the loopy end over the ribbon and pull the ends through to make a slip knot

Pull tight and carry on with the next strip!

Carry on until you have enough strips to go around your little ones waist.

Tie in a pretty bow and let them run wild!


A few weeks ago I gave you a little glimpse of what I’ve been making for the small people’s dressing up basket. One of these was this gorgeous peacock tutu!

I used THIS TUTORIAL as a guide.

I used just 3 colours of tulle  for the tutu (2 blues and a green),

scraps of felt from my stash, as well as a bit of elastic, plain blue cotton fabric and some giant ricrak!

It didn’t take long and the girls LOVE IT!

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